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What the what?: Alex Legion edition

December 29, 2009

So Alex Legion is booking on Illini basketball after half a season, and honestly I can’t blame him.

I haven’t been able to find an official reason why Legionis leaving the team but anyone with a little bit of foresight can see why.

Freshman D.J. Richardson, Brandon Paul, and (redshirt) Joseph Bertrand are already having an impact on this team.  High schoolers Tracy Abrams and Jereme Richmond will almost certainly have an immediate imact when they come to Champaign in the future. Where does Alex Legiona and his 3.2 points per game fit in?

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December 18, 2009

Here’s  a little preview of a story coming out in tomorrow’s Chicago Tribune.

It made me so happy that I almost ripped my jeans off like those tear-away pants basketball players wear and paraded around the newsroom singing “Hallelujah.”

Guenther said the assistant coaches who were recently hired, including offensive coordinator Paul Petrino and defensive coordinator Vic Koenning were selected to help relieve head coach Ron Zook of some responsibilities.

“If you look at the best programs in the country you’ve got real strength in those coordinator positions,” Guenther said. “They take their own shape. That allows him to tweak things as opposed to having to get too involved in any one area.”

FINALLY. Finally someone gets it. Zook is not a coach. He is a recruiter.

Relieve responsibilities? Yessur. Strength in the coordinator position? Thank Gawd.

This is the best Kwanzaa present ever.

Are Paul Petrino and Vic Koenning the right men for the job? Maybe not, but at least the right philosophy for a Ron Zook football program is in place.

Paul Meh-trino

December 17, 2009

The Fighting Illini hired Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino to the same position.

To this I say “meh.”

They certainly could have done worse (aka Mike Schultz) but Petrino is no lock to turn the program around.

The interesting thing about this hire is the money that Petrino will be making. With a $475,000 yearly salary, Petrino will be collecting more cash than the offensive coordinators of Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Minnesota.

Seems like a lot for a fairly unproven commodity (it’s rumored that uber-douche brother Bobby Petrino did most of the play-calling for the Razorbacks), but the juice is well worth the squeeze if handled correctly.

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Identity Crisis? (Part 2)

December 9, 2009

Before I wrote  the first Identity Crisis? post, I hadn’t realized that Daily Illini columnist Rich Mayor tackled this very same issue a few days ago.

Unfortunately for Rich, he’s on the wrong side of this argument. Here’s a rebuke from common sense…

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Identity Crisis?

December 9, 2009

Many of my fellow Illini fans (you know who you are) have recently been voicing their displeasure with the defense (or lack there of).

This should come as no surprise asshats. I, along with everyone who covers the Illini, told you this was an offense-first team. Surprise!…?…!?

But here’s the deal: This is a good thing. Trust me.

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The Week That Was

December 7, 2009

Oh. Hi.

Apologies for my week-long absence. Work was a bee-atch and the plague has settled in. Needless to say rest has been my top priority.

But I’m back and ready to blahg. So let’s get to it.

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The Worst Weekend Ever

November 30, 2009

Man, did this weekend suck for most Illini fans…but especially for me.

/violin music

Instead of writing individual recaps for each travesty, I’m going to combine them in one long sob story. Please remove all sharp objects and poisonous substances from your immediate area. Things are about to get emo…

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